Perth Wedding & Commercial Photographer

As you might have already figured out we love a good love story…

Even more than hearing about them, we love capturing them. We get excited for couples and we’d love to share the journey by capturing the story along with you!

From the start; I am here to help you guys as much a I possible can! I absolutely love all weddings entail, in both the lead up and the day itself! 

Locksmith Photography draws inspiration from photographers such as James Simmons a.k,a Jimmons, Hannah jones a.k,a Keeper Creative & Oli Sansom + a heap of others. We aim to capture your story and your personality as naturally and non invasive as humanly possible! 

We do what works best for you. We get you to move around and interact, because that’s when the gold happens! 

Like our motto says;

Simply put; Never Settle for Normal, Push The Boundary as That’s Where Memories Are Found

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How did you hear about us?
How did you hear about us?

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