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6 years ago,

this adventure called “Locksmith Photography” began. Lachlan started out doing photography for high school sporting events and slowly developed the skills and the eye for capturing moments in both athletics & cheerleading. His love for being able to capture a raw moment and share it with an audience drove him to begin to push into the world of photography more and more.

From what started as a hobby, the business expanded. He became the traveling photographer for “Art In Movement” across America in 2014, followed by countless opportunities at a state level in sports.

Locksmith photography continued to grow into a creative space of portrait & brand photography, producing wonderful images that challenge the norm. our music and events portfolio took off, with the name of “Locksmith Photography” now a house-hold name for all your event photography needs.

Lachlan began to expand into music & band photography after being inspired by fellow WA creative, Jarred Seng. Now Lachlan is a featured photographer on a variety of music blogs, publications, and is fortunate enough to have shot at every major Music Festival in WA.

Locksmith Photography has grown now to 4 Members that shoot over 50 events across the year, now expanding into becoming a School Ball & Event Photography Specialists. 

The team at Locksmith Photography believe we should try and live by this as well, turning away from a life where you can fall into everything becoming normal or comfortable. get out and try new things, be bold, be adventurous & courageous! only you can hold back your own potential!
Simply put; don't settle for normal!

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When this journey begun I was simply a high schooler looking for a way to capture the ongoings around me, from then this whirlwind has continue to evolve beyond my wildest of dreams!

I’m a 23 year old, Physiotherapy Student that simply has a passion for capturing human emotion in all its forms. Outside of the lens, i’m a coffee connoisseur & a lover of fashion.

For Me “the image i'm creating shouldn't be like anything else i've created before. I always want to create something outside my static world. I never want to fall into a 'normal' way of what i do, but instead constantly try new things, brainstorming new ideas and approaches to how things are done."

Simply put; Don’t Settle for Normal!

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