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When this journey begun I was simply a high schooler looking for a way to capture the ongoings around me, from then this whirlwind has continue to evolve beyond my wildest of dreams!

I’m a 23 year old, Physiotherapy Student that simply has a passion for capturing human emotion in all its forms. Outside of the lens, i’m a coffee connoisseur & a lover of fashion.

For Me “the image i'm creating shouldn't be like anything else i've created before. I always want to create something outside my static world. I never want to fall into a 'normal' way of what i do, but instead constantly try new things, brainstorming new ideas and approaches to how things are done."

Simply put; Don’t Settle for Normal!

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6 years ago,

this adventure called “Locksmith Photography” began. I started out doing photography for high school sporting events where I slowly developed the skills and the eye for capturing moments in both athletics & cheerleading. I fell in love with the ability to capture a raw moment and share it with an audience. This concept drove me to begin to push into the world of photography more and more.

From what started as a hobby, the business expanded. Embarking across to America in 2014 as the traveling photographer for “Art In Movement”, followed by countless opportunities at a state level in sports.

Locksmith photography continued to grow into a creative space of portrait & brand photography, producing wonderful images that challenge the norm. Our music and events portfolio took off; with the name of “Locksmith Photography” now a house-hold name for all your event photography needs.

Delving into music & band photography after being inspired by fellow WA creative, Jarred Seng never ceases to amaze me of the power collaboration holds. I am now recognised as a featured photographer on a variety of music blogs, publications, and am fortunate enough to have shot at every major Music Festival in WA.

Locksmith Photography has grown now to 4 Members that shoot over 50 events across the year, now expanding into becoming a School Ball & Event Photography Specialists. 

The team at Locksmith Photography believe we should try and live by this as well, turning away from a life where you can fall into everything becoming normal or comfortable. Get out, try new things, be bold, be adventurous & courageous! Only YOU can hold back your own potential!
Simply put; don't settle for normal!

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